Lifts in your building have a certain lifetime depending on the conditions of use. As in other machines, they complete their electronic, mechanical and technical life in time. Over time, old and dangerous lifts can be both visually disturbing and dangerous for safety. For this reason, it is necessary to renew the necessary electronic and mechanical components in order for the lift to be used safely.

The advantages of lift revision can be listed as follows: - A safer use is provided by increasing safety standards. - A more aesthetic appearance is created by the releasing of new products to the market. - More comfortable operation of the lift is provided. - High energy saving is provided. Your building and the products you use tell you a lot about your personal preferences. A modernization does not only bring you aesthetic innovation, it also provides new safety standards, less waiting time, lifting comfort, low failure rate and energy savings. The right choice of brand, model and system in the products to be used is very important. One of the issues that needs to be conducted or demanded to be conducted in modernization is whether the modernization to be made is in accordance with the changing laws and regulations or not. Safety, performance, comfort and visuality are important in order to meet your needs with increasing technologies. In this respect, work with an expert team and company. Please contact TeknoLift Asansör